Try-ing Railways ~ some accessories for you old items
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First of what may become series of accessories for your old Tri-ang and Minic items is a substitute load for the R562 plane launching wagon.
Tri-ang certainly made some fascinating toys and my version of the plane launcher, with the simple plastic profile fuselage and sheet cardboard wings would, under ideal conditions, glide around 30 yards. The problem was that it looked unrealistic even to a child and also the wingspan meant that it could never be sent through a tunnel or girder bridge, or even pass alongside my station or the lineside accessories such as the mail collection and dump for the "command car" let alone clear the standard loading gauge. Here is an alternative. Don't expect it to launch or glide, it is just to sit on the launcher or act as a load for the well-wagon or a flatcar (a job that the crane wagon can finally be used for?). The wings are pivoted and, if they happen to meet an obstruction from the front, should fold back though you would only expect the wings to be extended for a prepare-for-launch diorama.
Straight off the printer they can benefit from some judicious fettling with a fine flat file or abrasive paper.
Suggested colours are black, white, grey, silver, light blue. If I happen to have other colours in stock then those could be accomodated.

Postage from france to the uk is relatively expensive these days Let me know if you are interested.